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Replacement Display Board

Working on one machine that had the displays locked on, the existing displays had over heated and had burned several segments out. The display used by Midway did not use a conventional 7 segment display, rather had an integrated display with each segment illuminated by a microscope (to me anyway) diode. I contemplated trying to repair the open diode, but gave up pretty early in the process. I spent a fair bit of time searching for a replacement, but was not able to find anything even close.

Looking at the circuit, the display was wired as a conventional common anode 7 segment display. Using some surplus displays I had laying around, I was able to prototype a display that worked. I designed a small PC board and mounted the displays. The result is a display not identical to the original, but functionally the same and a works as a plug and play replacement.

Again, based the small quantities needed, production costs were high. The individual PC boards cost me $15 each plus the cost of six 7 segment display for each board.