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Using the Keypad

With the ball in the outhole, the machine on and in attract mode, open either coin door and push the small service button over the coin mechnism. The playfield should turn to expose the keypad. Some keypads do not have Test #4 to Test #10 written on them. These keys nevertheless exist in sequence after Test #3. As an example. pressing the first key on the fifth row will be Test #4, and so forth.keypad

The keypad has several functions.

Diagnostics and Calibration:

The "Test" keys provide diagnostics to assist in machine repair and calibration.

To access these tests, push the "End" key, then the desired "Test" key. Press "End" to go on to the next test.

Test #1 - Lamp Test - all bulbs are strobed and will continue until the "End" key is pushed.

Test #2 - Switch Test - remove ball from outhole. Closed switches will be displayed. Note that some of the encoder switches will always display closed.

Test #3 - Solenoid Test - all solenoids are powered sequentually until "End" key is pressed. The flipper switches must be closed to activate the flippers.

Test #4 - Encoder Switch (see calibration page)

Test #5 - Display Test (Credit/Ball display only shows the right and left 2 digits)

Test #6 - Table Position Test (see calibration page)

Test #7 - Not Used

Test #8 - Reset all game parameters to factory presets

Test #9 - Not Used

Test #10 - Not Used.

When finished with the tests, press the "Game" key.

Resetting Game Parameters:

Game features and parameters are summerized on pages 27 to 29 of the Electrical Operating Manual. To display a feature, press "End", press "Set", press ".", press desired number, then press ".". The feature number will be displayed in the "Match" display and the value will be displayed in the score displays.

To enter another value, enter the value desired using the number keys, then press "Game".