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Integrated Logic Board

After considerable effort, I carried through design and prototyping a replacement logic and Logicdriver board. This board follows the latest original G627 series circuit design with updated and integrated memory (no Charactorization Board), updated power on reset circuit and clock circuit. The production boards will only have sockets on the memory, CPU, 8156 and Audio Generator. Software is Ver 1.17.

This board is slightly smaller than the original and contains all the original functionality. It is "Plug and Play"and mounts on the original stanoffs.Solder

This truly was a labor of love. I spent many many hours using the original G series board to make a more-or-less trace by trace copy. In the process, I also found a number of errors in the original schematic drawings and component value changes. I'll publish those errors later in the Technical page.

The board cost is a little less than I had estimated.