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New Characterization

Having spent hours trying to repair a Characterization board with minor corrosion only to be rewarded with tempermental and inconsistant operation, I decided to replace this 35 year old technology wwbwith (slightly) newer technology. Doing away with the tri power TMS2716s and the CDP1824 in favour of a single 27C64 and a non-volatile memory using a Dallas DS1220 has produced a compact and reliable replacement.

My first attempt was a wire wrap board. Ugly, but it worked! The game was stable, booted properly and ran reliably.

My next chore was designing a PC board using the same circuit. I wanted compare the components facing out instead of in as on the original. I also wanted to do away with the external battery. The new board is roughly half the size of the original. The first board I assembled confirmed the design was done correctly. The second board has now been running reliably for hundreds of games and hundreds of on/off cycles.

I produced a small run of boards for the first batch. The first is my "test mule" that has been on and off the logic board a number of times, a boardsecond board that I'm now using in our own machine and a number of additional boards that now are installed in operational machines.Update board

Further production will be based on orders. The production of this board is targeting a very limited audience and costs unfortunately reflect the lack of mass production. I"ve done the best I can to keep the cost as low as possible.back

A new supply of boards has arrived and are now available!